Human Sculpt

Finally I was able to make time to do the much needed 3D model for my portfolio. I am working on a personal project of an Indian mythological character from the comic book ‘Ramayana Reloaded’, and this sculpt is a part of the ongoing project. This is done  completely on Zbrush with Intuos5.

I created the basic mesh with ZSpheres, then went ahead sculpting with up-to 6 divisions. The topology of the body is pretty good, so I won’t be redoing it, while that of face will have to be redone in the later stage.


Another WIP


If you are wondering where are the finished works, then its going to be on my Portfolio Site 8). Its not up yet, I am working on the design part of the site.

Digital Painting WIP

So here is my recent work of Digital Painting. I am still working on it.

My recent possession of a Wacom Intuos5 😀 has provoked my interest towards digital painting.  So this is one of my results of  the studying process.