Concept Chick

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This 3d sculpt I did  is based on a concept sketch by wings intellect studio.


Redoing the topology.

I created the model using ZSphere and ZSketch, without considering the topology.

Then optimized the polycount of the mesh using 3d coat auto retopo tool. Topology did not come as expected, but it did help in reducing the polycount and still holding all the sculpt detail information.

At last redid the topology of the mesh manually using 3d coat.  This is the final result of it.

The Final

*(3d coat has some really useful tools when it comes to retopology, havn’t tried other things yet.)

Concept – Monkey WIP

Was playing with ZSpheres and ZSketch and started getting a good shape, n did some sculpting and this is the result. Will be working more on it.. 🙂

Softwares Used- ZBrush only.


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Concept – Elebee

Concept Character Modelled and Sculpted using zbrush. Character modelled through zspheres.

Character retopology done using 3d-coat software.


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Character Turnaround – Tablu

Character Modelled using Autodesk Maya,

Sculpted and Textured using Zbrush


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A few shots from our final year short “LIL MISCHIEVES”. This shortmovie was carried out by a team of six final year students as part of the syllabus.

I was responsible for modelling, texturing and rigging of all the three characters in the movie. I was also responsible for the lighting and rendering of the shortfilm.

Lamborghini Reventon WIP

Hey guys this is still in progress  not the final one, so check this out and please leave your comments and suggestions.. 🙂

Thank you

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