Human Sculpt

Finally I was able to make time to do the much needed 3D model for my portfolio. I am working on a personal project of an Indian mythological character from the comic book ‘Ramayana Reloaded’, and this sculpt is a part of the ongoing project. This is done  completely on Zbrush with Intuos5.

I created the basic mesh with ZSpheres, then went ahead sculpting with up-to 6 divisions. The topology of the body is pretty good, so I won’t be redoing it, while that of face will have to be redone in the later stage.


Practice Doodle – WIP

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Random Sculpt – WIP

My first sculpt using the latest feature of Zbrush – Dynamesh. Modelling dynamesh way is incredibly fun..!! 😀

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So what you think about the hair and the beard ?

Anatomy Study

These are few of the sketches I did while studying Human Anatomy (Muscles).

This I did with the help of various references. These are not my own creations.

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