Human Sculpt

Finally I was able to make time to do the much needed 3D model for my portfolio. I am working on a personal project of an Indian mythological character from the comic book ‘Ramayana Reloaded’, and this sculpt is a part of the ongoing project. This is done  completely on Zbrush with Intuos5.

I created the basic mesh with ZSpheres, then went ahead sculpting with up-to 6 divisions. The topology of the body is pretty good, so I won’t be redoing it, while that of face will have to be redone in the later stage.


Concept Chick

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This 3d sculpt I did  is based on a concept sketch by wings intellect studio.

Game Prototype WIP

Last few weeks I have been busy learning and developing a PC game using Unity3D game engine. I choose java as the programming language. Without much of a prior knowledge in java programming, I learnt java through unity3d forums and a few basic java programming ebooks. I din’t spend much time on designing part as my intention was to learn the developing part.

The game is called “AWESOME MAZE“.  Its a FPS game, with no one to shoot except the sliding doors!! (I’ll be adding a few rival characters in my next version of-course.) The goal is to find a way through the maze to the end point by dodging the various health and time hungry objects within the time frame.

Here are some screen captures from the game.

If interested to play the game, drop a message, I will send the game to your mail. My mail ID – .

Practice Doodle – WIP

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Random Sculpt – WIP

My first sculpt using the latest feature of Zbrush – Dynamesh. Modelling dynamesh way is incredibly fun..!! 😀

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So what you think about the hair and the beard ?

Concept – Octadiva

Here are some of the rough concept sketches and the base mesh of my concept character Octadiva I’ll be working on.

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Redoing the topology.

I created the model using ZSphere and ZSketch, without considering the topology.

Then optimized the polycount of the mesh using 3d coat auto retopo tool. Topology did not come as expected, but it did help in reducing the polycount and still holding all the sculpt detail information.

At last redid the topology of the mesh manually using 3d coat.  This is the final result of it.

The Final

*(3d coat has some really useful tools when it comes to retopology, havn’t tried other things yet.)